Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Geekin' Out

We've heard it a million times- "Geek is Chic". Sooo, is it true or are we trying to convince ourselves we're cooler than we really are?

The video above is an advertisement from UK optical retailer, Specsavers. After watching this silly video, it's obvious they disagree.

On the flip side - optical retail chain OSPM in New Zealand and Australia recently conducted a survey on the issue...

On March 29th, they released a press release revealing surprising results:
Read up! It's really interesting-

Glasses now more chic than geek

It seems that geek has truly become ‘chic’ with a new survey revealing some surprising statistics about New Zealanders attitude to glasses.

The online survey [The OPSM Style Review, Online Survey, February 2010], commissioned by OPSM and conducted by an independent research company, confirms that glasses are sexy and can even help when you’re applying for a job.

Six out of ten of those surveyed believe wearing glasses help improve your chances of getting a new job, and just over half of those surveyed believe colleagues take those who wear glasses more seriously.

Overall, glasses have class according to New Zealanders. Considering the appearance attributes of glasses, a solid 70 per cent or more of respondents think they make people look knowledgeable, likeable, professional, stylish, successful and trustworthy.

OPSM spokesperson Jason Dhana says the survey results speak for themselves.
“The survey clearly indicates the stigma attached to glasses is well and truly gone. A staggering 74% believe that glasses can make people look sexy – you would never have got a result like that ten years ago.”

On the fashion front, a massive 94 per cent of respondents agreed glasses are now more fashionable than ever.

“New Zealanders love their glasses and believe they can not only enhance their appearance, but job prospects too,” Jason says. “It’s exciting to see that people are now viewing glasses in a really positive light – they’re more stylish and popular than ever before.”


The online survey was conducted by independent research company Stellar Market Research Pty Ltd in February 2010 among 482 respondents in New Zealand aged between 18 and 60+
* 60.6% believe wearing glasses helps improve employment chances
* 56.2% believe wearing glasses helps to make a better impression at a job interview
* 55.8% believe wearing glasses makes a positive first impression in the workplace
* 53.9% believe colleagues wearing glasses are taken more seriously
* 74.1% believe that glasses can make people look sexy
* 92.7% believe glasses are more stylish than they used to be
* More than 1 in 4 would consider wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, even if they didn’t need them to see
* 76.6% have noticed someone wearing glasses and thought how great they looked
* Glasses can make people look attractive
(75.9%), authoritative (73.2%), confident (74.1%), creative (73.4%), credible (77%), hard-working (71.2), intelligent (78%), knowledgeable (77.2%), professional (78.2%), stylish (77.6%), trustworthy (73%) and successful (76.3%)


So now that you have the facts -what do YOU think?

- Cinzia -

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